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Beranda » Flower Board the best quality and low price in Bandung

Flower Board the best quality and low price in Bandung

Holland florist Bandung supplies flower board, in which it is one of the garlans often being made. It also has many kinds and models, but we will only describe the garlan which is often used as the form of congratulating in Bandung.

As we have known from other articles that current garlans are different from the previous ones since they look simpler and more elegant as congratulating flowers. The name is Flower Board.

Flower board is the best and having the lowest price in Bandung.

Why it must be Holland Florist? It’s surely because we offer you with the lowest price with high quality design in Bandung. The price for one garlan is considered low since it’s only Rp. 450,000 and the most expensive one is       Rp. 1,500,000. How does it look like?


The previous picture shows a model with two points. What does it mean with two points? It means that the garlan has two points of flower designs, they are on the top and on the bottom of the flower board. This is the most favourite design since it’s simple and having low price.

Flower Beautiful

Then, the previous picture shows a model with four points, means that the flower board has four points of flower designs, they are on the top and on the bottom of flower board, also two corners of the top side, but there are also some models which place the two designs at the right and left side of the board, as follows…

Flower Board Indonesia

The last one is the most favourite design often being chosen by institutions. Why it should be institutions? Because this type has all over designs on the borders of the board, so that it feels so special. It is for you who have high prestige. How could it be congratulating with simple thing?

Flower Board

The previous one is the type with full flower design on all over borders of the board. If you see it, it must be the most glamorous one than others and it is the most suitable for you who want to congratulate someone with full of expression.

But, if you want to design it by yourself, you can do it by consult it to us. One of the examples is that our customer wants to order as the offered design, but he wants to make it on larger board.

How does it mean with a larger flower board? It means that two flower board combined into one. Can you imagine how large it is? So, that’s what we want to show you. We try our best to give you what you need. You can consult it to us and we can talk about the price.

Once again, we want to say that our garlan is having the LOWEST PRICE than others. You may compare it to others and prove it by yourself.

The flower board becomes the most favourite one to be used as congratulating flower.

Why it should be flower board? Since there are still many others we can find.

We can imagine it as ourselves that if we get a gift, we would be happier and more interested if we get the most beautiful one, right? we can compare it also with the kids. When we give a gift to the kids, they would choose the most beautiful and special ones, right?

Why it should not be hand bouquet or table bouquet?

When we are in the big event, it must be difficult and complicated if we have to look for the person directly to congratulate him, but if we use this kind of flower design, the person would see it and is interested to the flower used as the special form of congratulating him. The person will not forget it with our gift. So, you should not pass the special moment. our Holland florist is the best solution and answer for your congratulating flower Board in Bandung.


Order now and pay later.

Holland Florist Bandung




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Flower Board the best quality and low price in Bandung | Holland Florist Bandung

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